Services and Fees

Doula Package: $850

  • Referrals (if desired) to midwives/doctors/chiropractors/lactation consultants, etc.
  • 1-2 prenatal visits (not including the no-cost initial consultation). During these visits we will discuss your birth history, your desires for your current birth, and your birth plan. I will demonstrate for you and your partner massage techniques, positions, and comfort measures beneficial during your pregnancy and labor.
  • Phone/e-mail/text support
  • Continuous on-call support beginning at 38 weeks until your baby is born
  • Continuous labor support once labor begins. Depending upon your preference, I will come to your house or meet you at the hospital, and I will remain with you until your baby is born.
  • Initial breastfeeding support. I will stay with you in the hospital/your home until you feel confident to nurse your baby with proper latch/position techniques.
  • Postpartum visit. I will visit you in your home when you are ready, generally 1-4 weeks after birth, at your initiation. We will discuss your birth experience and address any needs you might have at that time, as well as evaluate breastfeeding progress.


Placenta Encapsulation: $250

Placenta encapsulation is a great way to incorporate an iron-rich supplement back into your postpartum body. Studies show this practice aids in recovery, helps promote successful lactation, and can help combat the “baby blues.” (This is not the same thing as Postpartum Depression, and if you suspect you have PPD, you should contact your care provider immediately.)

*For my doula clients, this fee is $200


Childbirth Education Classes: $260

Registration and payment for all classes goes through Atlanta Childbirth. This class is specially designed to be informative and interactive- in other words, no more boring childbirth education! You will learn about your changing pregnant body, signs of labor, what to expect during labor, stages of labor, comfort measures, how to listen to your body during labor, and postpartum care for you and your baby. And let’s not forget partners! They will learn how to offer support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.




2 thoughts on “Services and Fees

  1. Hello, my name is Amanda Barksdale. I have recently learned that I am 8 weeks pregnant through IVF after three years of trying. I am interested in using a doula since this will be my first child and my partner works out of the country most months out of the year. At your earliest convenience can you please answer the following questions:

    1. Do you offer birth photography?
    2.Do you work with patients in the Mableton area?
    3. Do you work with same sex couples?

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