I thought birth was the hard part…

Part of what I do as a doula is visit mom and baby at home once they’ve had a chance to settle in a bit. We usually talk about her birth experience- what she liked and didn’t like; any breastfeeding issues or challenges; and generally just adjusting to life with a new baby.

On one such visit, a new mom commented to me, “I thought birth was the hard part.” We both laughed and went on to enjoy our time together, but that statement has really stuck with me. And I wonder, how many other new moms think this too? Most of us no longer live in the town where we grew up, so it’s entirely possible that most new moms don’t have their own moms, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers nearby for support, encouragement, and HELP.

This lit a fire under me! I want to help new moms feel confident and successful in their parenting choices. There are so many resources available within our communities- high quality resources that are free or low-cost. One such resource is La Leche League International (http://www.llli.org/). I know of women who were part of LLLI years ago and no longer have nursing children; but they made life-long friendships with other women in that group- friends who encouraged them along the way.

I know you all know of other resources as well. Share them with us, and help spread new momma confidence and love!

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