Happy Families

One Very Patient Lady!

Sherri was fantastic! My husband and I met with Sherri several months before my delivery and both felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. Initially, she did a great job of asking us questions about our preferences, expectations, etc.. We wanted a natural birth and Sherri was quite confident that she could help us achieve that. And she totally did! I had a natural, unmedicated birth just as planned. My husband truly supported me but when he was at a loss of what to do, got tired, etc.. Sherri was right there to help. She knew exactly how to help progress my labor naturally and made me as comfortable as possible. She was truly knowlegeable on the entire labor process, techniques for progressing labor, etc. etc.. One very patient lady!! I especially love how she massaged my lower back in just the right spots. When labor was most difficult, Sherri suggested a warm shower/bath and she made sure I had a steady stream of warm water running over me which brought relief from my intense labor pain. She totally took care of me. I had some back labor and Sherri recognized that and was able to help. She was phenomenal and I would certainly recommend her. She could also tell when my water was about to break and had me laboring in the restroom during that time, which was PERFECT! She stuck with us through the labor and delivery, even though she came straight from another client's delivery. This lady was on zero sleep and totally on her A-game for me. I never even noticed the poor lady was exhausted until after my son was born. I'm so thankful Sherri was with us and I would certainly love to have her again for our (hopefully) next child! Thanks Sherri!!

A. Hess Atlanta, GA