Happy Families

Sherri Was Ready and “On”

I like to understand what is happening and weigh my options, so Sherri's knowledge of the typical process of labor & delivery was helpful. She helped me assess when to call my doctor, what the doctor was likely to recommend, and helped me think through my options, all while respecting my doctor's important role, and never being pushy. I was undecided about whether I was going to use pain medications until I was in labor, and never one did I feel judged for considering any and all options. Sherri was laid-back and conversational before the intense contractions started; I appreciated this distraction. When the difficult contractions began, though, Sherri was ready and "on." She worked hard for me and was by my side the whole time. I still don't know what she did (I didn't ask), but it helped me tremendously to cope with the pain. I still remember her saying during the hardest parts for me, "You are doing a good job," and, finally, "There is your baby!" She also answered questions after delivery about nursing and post-partum adjustment. I was able to have a V-BAC without interventions and do not regret for a second hiring her.

Dana Frederick Roswell, GA