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Attentive but Not Overbearing

I was looking for a doula that would not only help me acheive a natural labor, but also be highly involved during the pushing process to have a more controlled push. I was extremely pleased with the assistance provided by Sherri Wilkerson. She was attentive during labor, but not overbearing. She allowed me to set my own standards for how I wanted to be positioned and handle each contraction, and provided support in my efforts. She worked seemlessly with my midwife. The two of them helped me achieve my ultimate goal of minimizing tearing while pushing. She also proved to be an asset after the birth, when the nurses were busy with other patients. She helped me make that first trip to the restroom, which can be somewhat arduous, even if it is only a few feet away. Finally, she also provided me with my encapsulated placenta in a very prompt manner. Overall, I would highly recommed Sherri, and would not dream of going through child birth again without a doula like her.

Emily Reilly Atlanta, GA