Happy Families

An Absolute God-Send!

Sherri has, and continues to be, an absolute God send throughout our journey to becoming new parents! She constantly radiates positivity and serenity, making exactly the delightful kind of person you’d like have around for pregnancy, l&d, and postpartum recovery support. She provided us with lots of highly valuable information, advice, encouragement and support throughout our pregnancy. She served as a sounding board and a calming influence, and helped us make well thought-out, informed decisions whenever we were faced with overwhelming circumstances. She is a never-ending source of tips and resources, and we’ve been very pleased with all of her recommendations. She was available 24/7 via phone and email, and responded quickly which was a huge source of comfort for us. She is culturally sensitive, and displayed respect and genuine interest towards our Indian heritage which was much appreciated. She rallies around all family members, not just the parents-to-be – my mom was visiting and Sherri interacted very positively with her, answering all of her questions as well. My mom felt completely at ease with Sherri and had lots of great things to say about her.At the 37th week we learned that our baby was breech, which eventually led us to have a scheduled C-section. Regardless, Sherri was there for us every step of the way, including coming to our home the day we got the news to share ways we could encourage the baby to turn (this was in addition to 2 prenatal visits),recommending a chiropractor to us, checking in with us every few days, to eventually keeping my mom company in the waiting room during the c-section, spending time with us in the hospital room and visiting us later at home. She is the only non-family member that I would trust to leave my new born baby with, which speaks volumes about her. We highly recommend her services. God bless her for all that she does to help new parents and babies!

Neha Khanna Atlanta, GA