All Purpose Salve No. 001: For Sunburns!


Sunburned yet? One customer recently reported that All Purpose Salve No. 001 was a great relief to mom and baby alike.

Sunscreen products are not recommended for babies under 6 months old. Mom used All Purpose Salve No.001 on baby after a sunburn. Within an hour, the redness was gone. By the next day, the swelling was down.

Mom used it on herself, putting the salve on one-half of her sunburn and leaving the other half exposed. The portion treated with the salve experienced the same effects as with her baby.

Among the many uses our customers are reporting, the all-natural ingredients in All Purpose Salve No. 001 seem to heal minor skin irritations and conditions in a shorter amount of time than some OTC products…and with zero side effects. (Not all results are typical, of course.)

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